Sunday, January 31, 2010


A few years ago my mom and I were driving on the interstate out in the distance there was the Timpanogos Temple. She turned to me and asked me when I was planning on going through to receive my endowments. I told her I don't know. In fact if my memory was right I was a little-miffed. I guess at the time I didn't want to be bothered with it. I was still young (in my eyes) and still had the hope that a gentleman would come along and we would get married there.

I really didn't know what was going on in my life. I wasn't doing everything I could to stay on the path... I wasn't committing any large sin but maybe complacency. I just wasn't moving forward. I have had a few good friends I have talked to but none of my answers were fitting. My life wasn't going anywhere... things weren't going as planned.

So, in my search for life direction I went to my dad. I love my dad and have always felt like he has had my best intrest in his heart. I had asked him if he thought I was ready to go to the temple. When we started talking he had mentioned marriage and I got a little hurt. I know he wants the best, but at the same time I gotta find a guy to get married to and that just aint happening. But as we kept talking he said something that I can't forget, and sorry something I won't tell you! :)

So I went in to talk to my Bishop. I still wasn't totally sure about it, but he said that if the temple was open tomorroe (which was a Monday-temples are closed Mondays) that he would take me than... GREAT! But still my decision and I hadn't totally made up my mind. I don't really know the determining factor, but all I know is that is where I want my life to be headed. I want to keep hold of the "rod" and continue moving in the "right" direction. No matter what where my job leads, or if I do ever find a mate, I wanted to go through the temple.

I originally wanted to go through the Logan temple, but they were closed all during the Christmas season. I also wanted as much as my family there as possible. So I chose the day after by birthday. Jan 8th in the Mt. Timp Temple. The days leading up to it I was told were going to be harder than ever, and that satan was going to try his hardest to discourage me. I would not let him! I was going through this no matter what!!

I was such a neat experience, one that I will never forget. I love the temple and hope to go back often.



Happy 27th Birthday to me (and my Bro) on the 7th of Jan! It was such a great day! I decided to take the weekend off work cause I had other things going on and I wanted to be work free. So Thursday I woke up and went to the gym. I know, I know...the Gym??? But I am getting old and need to stay in somewhat shape. After that I went home and took a shower. I asked Andrea if she would do my hair cause all I know how to do is straight and curly. But before we did that Andrea Mom and I met for lunch! What an already great day! So Andrea and I left for her place.

She is so good with hair-I wish I was that good! But she 3 barreled my hair and it turned out super cute! I waited till Ty and Bray got home so they could wish me a happy birthday and I took off for my own party.

My wonderful friend Sarah (Rasmussen) had planned this fun night. I really enjoy never acting my age, so she had reserved a room at Pirate Island Pizza. I had invited several friends. I must say it was a total blast. I would do it again in a heart beat. We played games, ate 2 hugh pizzas and my first time ever sang karaoke!! WOW that was fun. I then went home and had cake and ice cream with my family.

I am truly bless with people in my life who love me. They set such great examples of love and compassion for me.


Christmas and New Years

So I know it's been a long time, but I have been busy and not wanting to post. HAHA! But someone told me I should do it cause it's been so long.


It was fantastic. We did our usual family traditions... Lights at Thanksgiving Point, Lights in Spanish Fork. I really really enjoy this time with my family. We ride around in the back of the truck freezing and singing and looking at lights. It was especially special this Christmas b/c my Smith Grandparents were down. We talked them into coming down for Christmas.

It seems more and more each year that Christmas is becoming more commercialized and we forget the true meaning of it. It's not the gifts, treats (although I like the treats), or any other reason but it's a celebration of the birth of our Savior. His coming into the world and his willingness to become our Savior. I am deeply grateful for is sacrifice and love he has for each one of us!

Well that pretty much does it for Christmas... I love this time of year!

New Years-

This year for New years I pretty much hung out with friends at a 7 Stake Party. Well, I should've known it was going to be not as fun as anticipated. It was fun, but most everyone stuck to their own wards. Our ward hosted it so we were well represented! I think that was the best part. Sarah (Rasmussen) and I then went back to my house and had a little silly string war and gave my family hugs and kisses.

Well one more year down, more expectations not me and more dreams not reached. Some dreams ending abruptly and some...well...just are out of this world.

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